Department of Humanities &Sciences


(Estd. in 1980)

The Department has a Vision to make the students especially those hailing from rural areas speak without any inhibitions good english and develop managerail skills with its pedagogical outfit.

The department of Humanities which includes English, Economics, Management and Accountancy serves the needs of the core curriculum. The department offers a couple of courses to impart communication skills and language proficiency for students, and grammar classes for the staff. The department also conducts tutorial classes for students hailing from rural background. It is proposed to set up a language laboratory for the benefit of students appearing for GRE and TOEFL.


Associate Professor & HOD of the Department




Name of the faculty




1 Dr.I.Sreevani Associate Professor & HOD Ph.D. 01-11-2000
2 Dr.B.Rambhupal Reddy Professor Ph.D. 18-12-1989
3 Dr.M.Sugunatha Reddy Professor Ph.D. 16-07-1984
4 Dr.G.Krishna Mohan Professor Ph.D. 20-07-2015
5 Sri.N.Bhaskara Reddy Associate Professor M.A. 27-02-1992
6 Dr.S.Madhusudhan Reddy Associate Professor Ph.D. 03-07-2013
7 Sri.Y.Satheesh Kumar Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil. 24-10-2002
8 Dr.G.Radha Assistant Professor M.Sc.,B.Ed.,Ph.D. 18-10-2004
9 Sri.G.Sreedhar Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil. 03-10-2005
10 Sri.A.Anandrao Assistant Professor M.A. 16-10-2008
11 Sri.B.Veera Sankar Assistant Professor M.Sc.,(Ph.D) 29-08-2008
12 Sri.K.Ramesh Rao Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed. 01-10-2009
13 Sri.M.C.Sanjeevaiah Assistant Professor M.Com. 01-07-2011
14 Smt.B.Vahida Rahiman Bhanu Assistant Professor M.Sc. 02-09-2011
15 Dr.V.Ramachadra Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. 29-09-2012
16 Sri.K.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed. 03-10-2012
17 Sri.K.Eswara Reddy Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed. 05-10-2012
18 Sri.K.Khasimpeera Assistant Professor M.Com.,MBA. 12-12-2012
19 Sri.M.Ravi Sankar Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc.,B.Ed. 01-07-2013
20 Sri.G.C.Venkata Subbaiah Assistant Professor M.Sc. 01-07-2013
21 Smt.M.Mary Jasmine Assistant Professor M.Sc. 01-07-2013
22 Dr.N.Sulochana Assistant Professor M.Sc.,Ph.D. 25-09-2014
23 Dr.Hari Haranatha Reddy Assistant Professor Ph.D. 20-07-2015
24 Dr.G.Nagamani Assistant Professor Ph.D. 04-07-2016
25 Dr.N.Suhasani Assistant Professor Ph.D 04-07-2016
26 Sri.N.Raghunatha Reddy Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed. 29-06-2017
27 Dr.K.Venkata Ramana Assistant Professor M.Sc.,Ph.D. 29-06-2017
28 Sri. Y. Ramana Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc.,B.Ed. 20-07-2018
29 Sri.D.Malikarjuna Reddy Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed. 27-08-2019
30 Smt B.Prasanthi Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed 25-10-2019
31 Dr.Priyan Anburajan Assistant Professor Ph.D 18-11-2019



Syllabus by Year & Semester Wise

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