The Alumni Association was formed in December, 1985 with Sri K.Sivananda Reddy, Our Correspondent as Chief patron and the Principal as patron. Later, the association has grown in multi folds and the duties and responsibilities of Association are being shared by Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and three member directors.  At present, the association has the total strength of members about 12,000 at the end of the academic year 2014-15.  The Association got registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies act 35 of 2001, bearing the registration No.92/2004.  The association has opened three chapters in India, at Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, nad one chapter in U.S.A.
The mission of the association is to make every Alumni member upgrade technical skills and become professional engineers through the interaction among all the alumni members.  And also to make use of the services of Almuni members in order to upgrade the infra-structure facilities in the development of the institution.

The vision of the association is to connect and contact with all the Alumni members in different parts of the world in order to create brotherhood among them and establish proper cooperation and coordination among all the Alumni members, so that everyone is benefited.  And also to involve all the Alumni members in the development of the Institute.


  • To provide a platform for alumni members to communicate with the institution
  • To promote registrations for Alumni directory
  • To promote the student interaction sessions
  • To promote the guest lectures
  • To promote the campus placements
  • To promote contributions from stakeholders to help poor students
  • To establish and found recreation centers for students and open libraries, reading rooms, providing accommodation for their use.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, meetings, competitions in the field of education, cultural shows, exhibitions and provide scholarship facilities to the students by receiving necessary funds for the sand purpose.
  • To supply free books, materials, aid to the poor students who belong to weaker section and economically backward to improve their education.

The feedback of Alumni members, Alumni parents and employers are collected in prescribed format and they are evaluated to 10 point scale, concluded copy is submitted to institution authorities.

  • The alumni chapter was opened and meeting held in the seminar hall of Institution of Engineers on 6-9-2003 at Hyderabad. The minutes of the meeting are as follows: To create awareness regarding the chapter at Hyderabad among all members in the Hyderabad and educate the members of its importance. The response is very good with the support of all alumni members.


  • The alumni chapter was opened and meeting held on 8-11-2003 at Chennai. All alumni members were expressed their views about the chapter at Chennai. The members were nominated for the alumni office bears.


  • The alumni chapter was opened and meeting held on 5-10-2003 at Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. The participants were supported and advised for the development of the institution.
  • The alumni chapter was opened and meeting held on 3-4-2004 at Bangalore. The minutes of the meeting are as follows: To create awareness among all members in the Bangalore and educate the members about its importance.



► Books donated by Miss Siva Priya, IPE (1997 – 2001) to Mechanical Engineering

  • Text books – 31
  • Brillant GATE Material  - 8 Sets
  • Brillant Question booklet for MBA entrance
  • Mock CAT – TIME Institute
  • GATE papers ( Mechanical Engineering) – P. Mittal

► Smt J.Shilpa (1999-2003) of Mechanical Alumni member has recruited two of our Mechanical Engineering Students (2007-11) in her company, named Global Electro Mechanical
Equipments, Kadapa, as  Engineers.

► Mr. G.L.Siva Reddy, Mechanical, Managing Director of VARIEGATE, Hyderabad has recruited Five of our Mechanical and IPE branch students in the year  2002.



KSRM Alumni Office Bearers

Sri.M.Ramamurthy Naik






Sri.M.Lakshmi Narayana


Smt. B. Veera Mounika